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Watercolor Brush Set


Paint This with Jerry Yarnell® – Six WATERCOLOR Brushes



To coincide with our Paint This with Jerry Yarnell® watercolor instructions, we now have an all new Watercolor Brush Set. The Brush set consists of Six (6) Brushes: #4 Yarnell Signature Script Liner, #4 Yarnell Signature Round Sable, #4 Yarnell Signature Flat Sable, #2 Dynasty, #4 Dynasty, and OUR NEWEST TO THE SIGNATURE LINEUP — Yarnell Signature 1.5” Hake Brush.

Looking for an entire kit to get started with this medium? Be sure to check out the complete Paint This with Jerry Yarnell® Watercolor Kit which includes this set of brushes plus much, much more!


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