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Jerry Yarnell smiling while painting on canvas.It is with a very heavy heart that we let our friends, clients and the art community know…

Monday May 6th, Jerry Yarnell went to be with the Lord.  After a short struggle with kidney failure and several months of dialysis, at Jerry’s request, he moved from continual treatment to palliative care where within days, Jerry passed.

As many of you know, Jerry’s faith was very strong.  Jerry put the Lord at the forefront of all he did and was blessed to work in a field that put him into a position to teach not only art, but the abundant life we can all gain through our relationship with the Lord.  Jerry was not only a nationally recognized and accomplished artist and teacher but a pastor.

Jerry lived an incredibly fulfilled life with what he taught, both in art and God. We ask for your prayers during this time of grief, knowing that the pain of loss is only left with his close friends, family and many students who love him.  Because Jerry is no longer of this world, he is now in paradise with our creator receiving the promise of everlasting life that the Lord gives us.

A small, private graveside service was held on May 10. Most of you know that Jerry dearly loved his three rescue dogs (Gesso, Yogi, and Boo Boo). If you feel moved to do so, in lieu of flowers, please make any donation to Jerry’s favorite charity, Skiatook Paws & Claws Animal Rescue. Jerry’s obituary can be found here.

Jerry’s legacy of teaching, and all that was held near and dear to Jerry’s heart will continue on through Jerry’s website, YarnellSchool.com. Jerry was always so proud of what he made available to the world. Now more than ever before, Jerry’s spirit of teaching and all that the world hungers for in the pursuit of an artistic endeavor, will continue to be available.

We respectfully thank you for continuing to learn and explore your inner artist through the masterful collection of education and teaching that is now Jerry’s legacy that will never be equaled. We will continue to make this treasure available to all.

Again, we appreciate any prayer that lifts the family and friends during this most difficult time, but we are calmed to know that Jerry is at peace with his creator, our Lord Jesus Christ.

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Who is Joseph Jerome Yarnell, Jr.? The man we affectionately refer to as Jerry Yarnell has many sides, including Jerry the Teacher and Jerry the Artist. These two sides of our founder have come together to create the Yarnell School of Fine Art. Jerry is the star of the PBS TV show “Paint This with Jerry Yarnell®”, which is enjoyed by viewers worldwide, as well as being the number one art show of its kind in Canada.

Jerry himself is an accomplished artist, known for his incredible landscape, wildlife, and western paintings. He uses the Yarnell School of Fine Art to share his knowledge and experience with all of our students by providing painting classes for adults. He has also shared his knowledge through 16 books with painting instructions and tips for artists of all skill levels.

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