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Bristle Brush Set (5 Brushes)

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Five (5) of Jerry’s signature bristle brushes including the #2, #4, #6, #10, and #12 brushes.

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Time to “BRISTLE UP” with our New Jerry Yarnell Bristle Brush Set!
By popular request, we’ve created this set for those of you who need to replenish your bristle brushes sooner than the rest of your brushes. Because you use these bristle brushes to ‘scrub’ and ‘scumble’ with, you’ll find that you naturally wear them out faster than your sable brushes.

 You’ll get five (5) of Jerry’s signature brushes including:
#2, #4, #6, and #10 Bristle Brushes Use with thicker-bodied paints. Work well with acrylics and oils. Because of their coarser bristles, they work great for scrubbing and underpainting backgrounds. They also work well for dabbing and texturing. These are not detail brushes. For finer blends and details, it is best to use sables or the Dynasty nylon or synthetic (chisel-edge) brushes.

#12 Bristle Brush Use with thicker-bodied paints. Work well with acrylics and oils. Same type of brush as described with the #2, 4, 6, & 10 Bristle Brushes, just a larger size for larger scrubbing and underpainting background work plus dabbing and texturing.

Caution:  Never use your sable brushes to scrub or scumble!

1 review for Bristle Brush Set (5 Brushes)

  1. Michael Strickland

    These geniune bristle brushes are essential to success with Jerry’s techniques. Using the brushes Jerry recommends along with his materials, especially the Grumbacher gesso, will enable you to do acrylic paintings that look like oils. Also these brushes are excellent quality for the price! Good value!

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