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Thanks for your interest in YSO or Yarnell School Online which is online art classes for adults. YSO is the official study and instruction of fine art taught by nationally renowned artist and star of the PBS program “Paint This With Jerry Yarnell”.
Since 2010, Jerry Yarnell has created custom instructional content available to those who want to explore their inner artist. Jerry believes that we all have an inner artist; we just need a little guidance to bring that to the surface.
YSO is meant to be a relaxing and informative ever-growing source to introduce and help refine your skills as an artist. Yarnell School Online is the only place you can find custom, relevant and up-to-date content that you might find familiar to what you see on “Paint This With Jerry Yarnell”.

Now, because this an “Online School”, don’t let the name scare you. When you enroll in Yarnell School Online, you start with very basics of learning the art of painting. The entire concept is carefully thought out to teach you a solid foundation of painting from a renowned professional and then allows you to implement your new found skills into the direction you find most enjoyable.

You’ll start with “Tips Before you Begin”. This is a multi-step explanation of what to expect and how to navigate your new journey. “Tips Before You Begin” dovetails right into the “Getting Started Guide”. There you will find a set of custom picked videos that allow you to get your feet wet with “Snippets”. Snippets are very short easily digested videos that explain the most common basic questions and tasks like, BRUSH SLECTION or THE THREE T’S (tips tricks and techniques), and even Snippets on Painting basic clouds, rocks, fog, mist, the list goes on and on.

As you build your skills as an artist you have unlimited access to what feels like a never-ending source of instruction from Jerry. You can move as slow or fast as you like and once you become more comfortable with your growing talent, feel free to search the hundreds of lessons to explore topics that interest you. With almost no topic undiscovered Jerry continues to periodically add new content. You can use the SEARCH function to locate lesson series based on your interest, say “river” or “flowers” etc.

Here at Yarnell School Online, were proud to offer what we feel is the nation’s most comprehensive and well-designed program concept provided by one of the nations top artists. Paired with a concept that allows you the viewer to relax and navigate at your own pace. If you’re interested in exploring your inner artist, you’ve come to the right place.

If you want more info, by all means, drop us an email at support@YarnellSchool.com or even give us a call at 918-396-2858.

We look forward to helping you grow as an artist!