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Why an Online Painting Class Makes a Great Gift

Do you know someone with some underlying creativity they have yet to fully explore? If you’ve been meaning to get them a gift, why not consider an online painting class? The world of art has joined the ranks of online classes that you can take from the comfort of your own home. Read on to see why one of these classes can make the perfect gift for someone you care about.

Express Creativity

What better way to get creative than by having fun with paint? There are several types of art that one can take online classes for, such as portraiture, landscapes, pet art, and more. Maybe your loved one practiced art when they were younger, but it was something that fell by the wayside. The gift of an online painting class can be a new way to tap into something that once brought them joy long ago.

Easy Access

Not everyone has time to go to the local art school or studio for in-person lessons. But what excuse is there to avoid an online painting class? According to Statista, the market size of the online art industry in America increased by about 6.6% in 2021. This means that the opportunity to study art is more accessible now than ever before.

May Create a New Career

Did you know Monet didn’t seriously start painting until he was in his 40s? Many artists have picked up the paintbrush in retirement and developed a second career! The point is, visual art isn’t like being a dancer, model, or athlete; there’s no time limit on when you should start painting. You may even be able to sell your pieces online and start a new career path.

No Electronics

Obviously, you’ll need an electronic device to participate in the class, but it’s incredible to learn a skill that doesn’t need technology. With so many people attached to their cell phones, it’s great to have a hobby that only uses your hands, eyes, and inner creativity.

If an online painting class has piqued your interest, don’t hesitate to use it as a gift for someone you care about. Even if they don’t think they have artistic talent, they may learn something about their level of creativity that surprises them. They may end up having a new favorite hobby or a budding career. Contact the Yarnell School of Fine Art today to learn more about enrolling your loved one in one of our classes.