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Hey Gail, thanks for re submitting this assignment. you have done a great job correcting the minor things that I suggested. Everything is working well. Your value system and color tones are well balanced how ever there is one area that is not working. Its no big deal but dose need to be corrected to balance out your color scheme. plus it will make your painting look more professional. Take a look at the pointed rock just behind and to the right of the large cactus. When you highlighted you made the cap way to brown so it sticks out. I recommend you gray out that brown tone. Then cool it off with a touch of white and a touch of orange and enough blue to cool it. Now do the same thing to the rock just directly to the right. Both of those boulders are just a bit too brown to fall in line with the color scheme. Gail this is an easy fix so don’t worry about re-submitting it. Ill just trust you to take care of it then you can move on to the next assignment. You did a great job so keep up the good work God bless you and stay inspired.