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Hello, Ken–Thanks for submitting this assignment. Also please accept my apology for the long delay. I had an un expected medical issue and ended up in the hospital for a few days and then a long recovery. But I am now back to work and trying to get caught up. I really do like this painting. You did a good job on your rocks. The trees are great because of the highlighting on them. they are now seperated from each other instead of a large mass. The overall composition is great. The pathway was a good idea to draw you into the center of the composition. Even the fence was a great way to pull your eye into the center of the painting. All of these elements of the painting are well done. The only real issue is the dark cloud. It is too dark and overwhelms the color scheme. So you need to tone it down by about two values so that it dose not compete with the over all color scheme. Also the mountain range is still too dark to be that far in the distance. so all you have to do is put a soft light gray wash on them to tone them down by about two values. This will help create more depth. Over all Ken you did a great job. so if you will take care of these minor issues there wont be any need to resubmit. This painting will pass with flyiny colors. It has been a real joy working with you on this painting. God bless you and stay inspired and keep working on blending techniques and value changes.