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Hey, Ken,

thanks for submitting this assignment. Sorry for the delay. We have been in the process of moving and i am behind on everything. Any way I really like the composition. However you do have several technical things to deal with.  I like your sky very much. The value system of the distant mountains is good but is too blue. They need to be grayer and softer. Also the water is too blue. It is a general rule that you reflect some of the sky tones in the water. So carefully and very softly drybrush in a few sky tones. Now the three dark green bushes right in the center painting are too rounded so break them up and use the negative space rule to make them more interesting. The rocks have the same problem. They are all too rounded. So change their shapes up a little bit. Now the trees on the right are good except they all run together. I suggest you seperate them a little bit by simply adding some brighter highlights on the top right side. This will help to seperate them. The dead tree path way and fence look really good.The grasses and flowers look good. It would be nice to make the little reddish tree on the right side about two values brighter to help give the painting a little more tonal balance.. I know this seems like a lot of work but really these are all fairly simple corrections to make. Cant wait to see the changes. God bless you.