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Hello, Ken thanks for being so patient. We have been moving our home and studio to another location.So we got way behind on our work. But now we are up at full strength. This painting turned out very nicely.The changes you made are really good. So your mountains, fog/mist look great. The waterfall is great and your aspen trees turned out very good.The main problem you have now is the grass in the middle of the road front to back is way too stiff and dark. Remember the value rule. lighter in back and gradually darker as the grass comes forward, Also some of the weeds need to be taller as they come forward and looser and some need to bend over, Other then that this painting turned out very well. However as we have discussed in the past you still paint very stiff and edgy. Although you have made great improvments.Just keep practicing painting with looser strokes. Good luck, stay inspired and God bless you. Cant wait to see your next assignment. By the way I love your dead tree stump.