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Hello, Gail,

Thanks for submiting the corrected version of this assignment. Thanks for being patient with the long delay. Its been a zoo around here . This painting turned out really ,really well. You did a great job with the corretions. I dont really have any major suggestions. However the canopy of leaves on the aspen trees are too pointed at the top. Most of these trees should be a bit more rounded at the top. this may seem a little picky but at this advanced stage of painting we dont want to leave any stone un turned. Your value system, color scheme, contrast, proprotions are good. I like the way you painted in the deer so that they dont stick out like a sore thumb. The aspen tree trunks and dead tree are great and the reflected highlight worked out beautifully. The only other thing is your grasses are a little bit to structured and stiff. So just continue to practice working on your looser blending techniques and your work will continue improve really well . Over all great job. Donna will be in touch w/you to gather information for your beautiful plaque. Very proud of you, Gail. Congrats on successfully completing Landscape II of the YARNELL SCHOOL OF FINE ART CERTIFICATION PROGRAM.