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Hey Ken thanks for re submitting this assignment. There are three basic things that still need some work to bring this up to the standards we are shooting for. As i mentioned before in the last critique the basic structure of the painting is fine but you are still  having a little struggle with the value system and the contrast rule. For example –  and it may seem like a small thing but the dark green cedar trees next to the house are too dark. They catch your eye and hold you there too long. So you need to change there value and tone by about two values so they will be closer in value to the house. The same thing with the dark breaking waves. The dark areas are too dark so they over power the rest of the waves . So tone those down also by about two values. However the biggest issue are the rock formations. First of all they all seem to have the same tones and rounded shapes on the tops of each group. The values are too light and mono cromatic. So the first thing is to add some darker values of various shades of grays by at lest two values to bring them forward. The very front boulders should be the darkest parts of the painting. So make them at least 3-4 values darker. This is important because they anchor the corners of the painting and serve as eye stoppers. Finally because these boulders have been exposed to the elements for hundreds of years they need too be more rugged with more distinct edges instead of so rounded. Its ok to have some rounded edges but not too many. I know this seems like a lot of work but these are such advanced paintings it is important that we not leave any stone unturned.  Keep up the good work and God bless you and stay inspired.