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Hey Gail
Hope you’re doing good. Thanks for submitting your most recent assignment.

The over all concept of this painting is very good. Your sky is very good and background values and mountains are in good shape. The waterfall barn and stream are really well done. However you do have a couple of issues with the stream. When you stand back and look at it from a distant it angles to the right.So you need to level the strokes so the water will appear more flat. Also you need to have some soft shadows along the banks of the stream. Don’t make them too dark or two wide. Also normally you don’t have cast shadows on running water So you need to blend out that shadow cast by the big tree on the left. Just blend the dark tones into the water and then it will be good. The grasses are good and the deer turned out great and well proportioned. The final thing is the trees. It appears you tried to make aspen trees but the trunks are way too wide and they don’t normally come to a point like the second one on the right. Aspen trees are tall and skinny and the leaf pattern is more airy and gradually tappers as it goes up but not to a point. Don’t miss understand aspen trees can have fat trunks but in your painting they are out of proportion for where they are located. Cant wait to see the changes. God bless you and stay inspired.