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Hey Ken Thanks for re-submitting this assignment. It looks like you did a great job making the suggested changes. However there are a few odds and ends I would like to bring to your attention. These are things you can do on your own without having to re submitt. Over all this is a very good painting. One of your better ones. Your value system is allmost perfect.The color scheme and composition is great also. You are definately improving.You are still painting a little bit too stiff with hard edges on certain objects like the large bolder in the lower right and the large cactus. Its hard to explain but you need to slightly soften the edges so that they dont look like they are stamped on Ken any time you have large dark objects in a painting like this they need to have the softer edges but they also need to have the standard bluish purple highlight on the shadowed side of the object. This will also help soften there appearance. The only other thing is the two boulders to the right of the large cactus look like two tin cans. So just give them a little more interesting shape and they will be ok. Congratulations good job. I cant wait to see how you handle your next assignment.God bless you and stay inspired.