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Hey Ken thanks for sending this assignment. Just as I sat down to grade your painting Donna walked in my studio and said wow that is really beautiful and colorful. She is right you did a great job with your color scheme and your value system. Very clean crisp and clear. But as you might guess there is always a however. Ken you have always done well with your basic color schemes and values. The problem you keep having is with your blending technique. For example the large gray rock formations on the right side with the pink highlights dont really have any three dimensional form. The highlights are very stark,outlined and edgy.They look like they have been stamped on there and not blended.So you need to go back and gently soften the edges of the highlights so they will look more natural.It usually takes two or three layers of more of a dry brush application to achieve the proper affect.It would be a good idea to watch some of my dvds that have large boulders in them to see how i do the blending.The same thing goes for the rocks in the lower right hand corner.You need softer edges on the highlights. Most of your rocks have the same issue. The same thing applies to the dark green bush on the right side with the yellow green highlights.Just like the rocks the highlights look stamped on instead of blended. All of the background mountains,sky and cactus are fine.You just got into trouble when you got into the middle and forground and these are the same issues you had in the last painting.So really Ken if you can just really work on your blending techniques your paintings will greatly improve. Its a battle but one you have to win if you want your work to look more professional and be technically correct. Other than those things your painting is very well done. So see what you can do with your blending technique and I will take another look. God bless you and stay inspired.