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Hey Gail thanks for submitting this assignment. At first glance I really like the basic concept of the composition, color scheme and value system however there are a few things that you need to change to make it technically correct and balanced.  First I really like the sky tones they are nice and soft and warm. The mountains are good but are too busy. You dont need so many peaks they over power the composition. So try to get rid of so many small peaks and make larger peaks. The color scheme is fine. Now the other thing is you have what is called a split composition. Similar with what you had wrong with the last painting you did. You have way too much open space in the center of the painting with no connection to the left side(pine trees) and right side buildings, fenc, and road. You need to  connect the two sides together either by curving the road and fence further into the center of the painting then wrapping around the back of the buildings. Or you could carefully add more pine trees to connect to the right side. Frankly it would look better if you moved the road and fence. The next thing is the silos are too bright green and that green tone is not repeated any where else in the painting. So you need to either make the silos more gray or add more of that green tone into some of the pine trees. Now you need to add a little bit of the sky color in the water to warm it up and make it color balanced. The fence looks good except the distant posts are too fat and stumpy. They need to be a little bit more narrow. The rust colored weeds look great. The pine trees are good and the large dead tree is good also. So Gail go ahead and make these adjustments then ill take a look at it and we can go from there . Good luck , God bless you and stay inspired.