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Hey Ken Thank you so much for submitting this assignment. I owe you an apology for the long delay in grading this painting . So I ask that you forgive me. Im not quiet  sure what  happened. Everything has been so hectic and busy that some where along the way this assignment got lost in the line up. Any way I will make it up to you somewhere along the way. You have definately made significant progress in all of the areas we have discussed in the last few submissions. As I mentioned before these are very  advanced paintings and I dont want to leave any stone unturned. So I have to be much more picky than with the paintings in phase 1. Your boulders, trees, value system, sky and water fall is in good shape. There are only two minor areas left that I want to bring to your attention. First the distant pine trees on the right side are still way too dark. They are on the same plane as the ones on the left side of the first falls. You painted them well put you just made them too dark. So they need to be lighter by at least two values.  Similar  to the value of the ones on the left side. That is an easy fix. The second thing is the boulders at the base of the falls still appear as though they are floating. The reason for that is because you have put a straight line across the base of them instead of splashing some water up against them. So splash a little water up against them to seat them and you will be in good shape. This is another easy fix and after you correct this then you can move on. When you submit these corrections I promise to put you at the head of the line and I will grade it ASAP. Then you can move on to the next assignment. Thanks again for your patience and understanding. God bless you stay inspired and keep painting.