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Gail, Thanks so much for re submitting  this assignment. Sorry for the delay but we have been extremely busy and am behind on everything but finally getting caught up. The good news is you have finally got this painting in really good shape. The composition, value system, color scheme and the negative space issues all work together to create good harmony. There is only one area left that you need to correct. The reflections in the water that you added from the trees on the little island on the right side of the lake are all leaning the wrong direction. You have them leaning to the right they should lean slightly to the left. The technical rule is ” All reflections lean the same direction in the water as the objects being reflected ” For example if a fence post or any other object leans to the left the reflection will also lean to the left just as if an object lean’s to the right the reflection will also lean to the right. It is a very common mistake for students to assume that reflections lean the opposite direction. I recommend you study one of my books on composition or the snippet on shadows and reflections. This is a very simple thing for you to correct and perhaps it seems as though I am going over board with this but is a valuable lesson for you to learn from and will keep you out of trouble in future paintings. Any way no since in re submiting this assignment. I will just trust you to make this simple correction and you will be on your way. So congratulations this painting is finally going to pass and deservers a good high score.. Donna will be in touch with u in a few days to get any biographical information you want us to use on our web site to promote you . We also will be sending you a beautiful engraved plaque showing your accomplishment. God bless you stay inspired and keep painting.