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Hey Gail thanks for re submitting this assignment. Please accept my apology for the delay in getting back to you. I had a minor medical issue and had to spend a little time in the hospital. And then a few days of recovery. But I am back at it full time now and trying to get caught up on all of my assignments and commission paintings. You are at the top of the list. After a careful review of your painting. There are only a few minor adjustments you need to make and then I think you will be done. First of all the adjustments you made after the last critique worked out very well. The water looks better and leaf canopy on the trees really helped the negative space issues. The main thing you need to fix is the little boat dock. You painted it dark brown which is the wrong color and the value is too dark. Therefore it has a tendency to stick out like a sore thumb. All you have to do is paint it more of a charcoal grey and lighten the value so that it fits into that area of the painting . (the dark brown tone against the lighter water is too contrasting which is why it stands out too much.) Now on the little island on the right side of the lake you forgot to put the reflections of the trees in the water. Just paint them in like you did on the trees on the left side. ( nice and soft) Also the reflection of the boat dock should come down straight below it and make it a bit longer. The way you have it painted is more like a shadow instead of a reflection. It is easy to get reflections and shadows mixed up with the water. So just remember reflections go directly below the object and shadows will be at an angle depending on where the sun is. I recommend you study reflections/shadows in my snippet series. As well as study other artists paintings that have water in them. I dont recommend you mess with the large dead tree any more or it will become over worked. Just keep practicing with the script brush to achieve nice gradually tapered limbs. Your tree just needs to have better form with each limb from thick to the gradually thinner tapered finish with proper proportions that support other limbs attached to it.  Any way these minor things should be easy for you to do. And then you can move on. So God bless you stay inspired and keep painting.