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Hi, Gail thanks for submitting this painting. The overall affect and composition are good but you do have some technical issues with the color scheme,value system and some negative space issues. first your water is way too blue. You can have some blue in the water but also need to pick up some of the softer lighter tones like the sky. Other wise the water overwhelms the painting. Also the row of trees on the left side are all lined up in a row, with the same basic shape and the same space between them . So you need to rearange them so they have more interesting negative space in and around. So let them overlap each other and and maybe one a little taller and perhaps maone a little fatter. These kind of things catch your eye like the blue water dose. Now your value system is good until you move into the foreground.The rocks are painted well but they are not dark enough. They are the same value as the background trees. So make them about two values darker. Also the large dead tree on the left side is too light as well. So make it about two values darker. It is very important to keep your value system in the right order. The rest of the painting is in good shape. You just need to get everything technically correct so that your painting will look more professional. Good luck with making these adjustments. God bless you and stay inspired.