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Hello, Ken,

Thanks for submission of this painting. You are making progress. I have spent a lot of time studying your painting to figure out the best way to explain some of the problems you are having. You have improved your value system to some degree but you still have some gradation issues which simply means going from one value to the next. All value changes should be very gradual and carefully blended. For example the sky, and first two layers of rock formations very good but the first group of pine trees are still too dark in relation to where they are located. They need to be the same value of the rock formations they are sitting on. So simply take the pine tree green you used and add some of the rock tone to lighten and gray them. Right now they still stick out too much to be that far back. The first water fall is fine and the rock formations on the left side are ok but the rock formation on the right that sticks out over the falls is too pale and washed out it needs to be about two values darker similar to the vertical rock just to the left that stands up fairly straight. The rest of the rocks are ok . Now the water is still too blue. The blue needs to be in there but needs to be more compatible to the rest of the color scheme. It needs to be a deeper grayer blue similar to the tones in the upper right corner of the sky. Gradually make the water darker with the deeper tones as you come forward. The dead log is ok but needs more highlight on the top to make it appear more rounded. See how you do with these changes and maybe that will finish it up. Dont give up this painting gives every one trouble . I just dont want to leave any stone un turned. God bless you and stay inspired.