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Hey Ken thanks for submitting this assignment. Your sky turned out very good and the falls are good to. The problem you have is with your value system on the rock formations and on the row of pine trees just to the left of the first waterfall. They are too dark they need to be the same value of the rock formations they are sitting on. then from that point forward all of your rock formations are too light they need to get darker in value, richer in tone, and much more contrast. Right now they look very pale and flat and washed out. I see you tried to make an effort to get some very minor value changes but not near enough to give them that bold rugged look they need to have. Also use different shades of grays to help create more seperation between formations. Also the fallen logs in the middle of the painting are too dark. They stick out too much. Ken there are a few more things I want to discuss with you when you re submit these changes but I want to see how well you manage the value system on the things we discussed in this critique first. Its important to really study the original painting very closely to see how the values are applied. Good luck and I am looking forward to see the changes. Then we can go forward from there. God bless you and keep up the good efforts.