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Hey ken thanks for submitting this assignment. Starting with the sky. You did a good job painting the sky however all of the colors are too strong . The yellow needs to be toned down. it competes with the foreground and throws the value system. so tone it down by about two values. Now the light house turned out really well as well as the steps, house and other objects in that area. Another issue is the rock formations. They are too dark and too rounded. Rock formations that have been beat down and eroded in the wind, and waves crashing against them usually are much more rugged and rough looking. These all have the same basic rounded shape. So you need to work on changing there shapes, sizes and the color by putting some gray tones mixed in the darker areas.[everyone struggles with these kind of rocks so dont get discouraged ] Now your water is way too blue. Its ok to have some of the blues but you need to add some of the other colors that are in the painting to create color harmony like some soft purples, grays, a little turquoise and soft greens. Also it would be a good idea to change the shape of some of the waves. Right now they all are too much the same shape. So move them around to create more overlap and better eye flow. Ken I know this seems like a lot of work but it will be worth it. These are very advanced paintings and require advance techniques and applications. So good luck and i cant wait to see the corrections. God bless you and stay inspired.