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Hey Gail thanks for submitting this assignment with the corrections .  I must say the changes you made really put this painting in another category. By the way please accept my apology for the long delay but I ended up with an unintended case of Covid with some extra complications. But I am back to normal now and able to work again. I really like the much looser semi impressionistic  affect the painting now has. I know it took courage to jump outside the box and loosen up but now the painting has a much more painterly look. Now Gail its going to take a little time and patience to refine this style but in the end you will be very proud of your efforts. The broad loose strokes on the boulders are great. Just remember to live by the saying ” LESS IS MORE”. The falls turned out great. However when you worked on the moving water most of your strokes lean to the left causing a little balance problem with the foreground. The looseness is good but you need to flatten them out a little bit. When you stand back you will see what I am talking about. The only other thing is that the top of the large rock formation on the left is still the wrong tone. It is way to brown and sticks out too much. It needs to be cooler, and slightly grayer. After changing the tone you can put little soft highlight on the left side to slightly accent it but be careful not to over do it. As we discussed before everything else looks great. The sky, trees and other objects. Now this last thing may seem a bit picky but I recommend you make the reflected highlight on the large dead tree about two values brighter. since the tree is so brown this will cool it off. Gail I hate to have you resend this but I just want to be sure we are on the same page and these are all things that are easy to do. I look forward to seeing the final changes and then we can move on. God bless you and stay inspired.