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Hi, Ken–

Thanks for resubmitting this assignment. Sorry for the extreme delay but I ended up with a case of covid and was not expecting it to set me back so much. But I am back to work now and ready to help you get to the next assignment. First of all this painting has gone thru a lot of changes and each time it has improved. You finally got the highlights rich and bright to actually show the true tones of those canyons . As we discussed before your sky and background mountains are the perfect value. The only thing I want to mention is that your water is all one tone. It would be better for the water to be lighter in the background and gradually become darker as it comes forward. In fact the water can be very dark in the very foreground. The other thing I might mention is that even though the brighter tones you added to the canyons really did help the color scheme when you added the tones you painted too dry. The highlights are rough and scratchy. The next time you add brighter highlights to an object make the mixture a bit more creamy and use one of the dynasty chisel brushes. No need for you to re send this just make those minor corrections on your own and then you can move on to the next assignment. Donna will send you the criteria for that assignment real soon. Congratulations and God bless you and stay inspired.