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Hey Gail thanks for submitting this assignment. Sorry for the delay but I had to take a break from non stop 12 ad 15 hour days. but back to work now. As usual you did a beautiful job. You only have a few minor value and color issues we need to deal with. First your sky is great and first very distant mountain are perfect. The distant pine trees are too dark and too green to be that far back in the distant. They need  to be more of a grayish green and about two values lighter. Now the large rock formation on the left is too brown . It needs to be more of a cooler mauvish gray and about one value lighter. As much as i like your water falls and they are done very well but you have used too much white. Granted  white should be the dominant color but you need to add more bluish purples around the edges and slightly scattered throught the falls . Dont go overboard just enough to create depth within the falls. The rock formations on the right side are over highlighted. You need to paint some darkr tones on the shadowed side to give them better form . Again be very careful not to over do it just enough to balance the highlighted side. right now the highlights slightly over whelm. All of your other rock formations are great. I love your choppy water god job on that. The last thing is you need to do is highlight the dead log and boulder in the lower left corner. Those two objects need to show up a bit more against the darker water. Cant wait to see the changes . God bless you and stay inspired.