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Hey, Ken,

Thanks for resubmitting this assignment. It still seems we have a slight disconnect in my critique.  Once again the over all structure of your painting is very good and the distant mountains and sky are great. The problem is in the overall color and contrast of the middle and foreground rock formations. The orange/goldish highlights are a lot better than what you had. So I think we can live with those. The real problem is the extreme dark black tones of the rocks, water and trees. Granted the water is dark but not as dark as you have it. This makes the painting way to stark and the edges of the rocks too sharp. ken since these are very advanced paintings we have to stick to the extreme technical issues. So what i want you to do is create another dark blackish mixture like the rocks are now. then add just enough white to change the value by about two values. Now take some small amounts with your 4 or 6 bristle brush and thin it down substantially with water . Now scrub this glaze over all the dark areas of the water, rocks and trees. This should soften all the dark areas. Then you can add some soft green tones to the trees to give them some life. Now try your best to soften the razor sharp edges on the two middle ground formation. Try these things and lets see what happens. dont give we will get there. God bless and stay inspired.