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Hey Gail   Thanks For resubmitting this assignment . Taking the photo outdoors in the shade really did help make the tonal values appear more natural. This is a great trick so use it as often as you are able. Now as we discussed before the painting turned out very well. The rocks, water, waves, and sky are well done. The only issue is the dimensional form of the light house. It may seem like I am being very picky. It just needs better form. The red stripes are fine because you have a gradual dark to light blend. But now you can work on the white stripes. All you have to do is darken the right side of the stripes by about two or three values with a soft cool gray tone then gradually blend across to the left side. This will make the light house appear to be much more rounded. Then you will be done and you can move on to the next assignment. So God bless you and stay inspired.