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Hey Gail before I grade this let me give you a little bit of information about photographing your paintings. We learned some tricks over the years. You are correct the light house has very little form because it appears very light without the form shadow on the right side. It dose need to be about three shades darker with a gradual blend around to the left side. The way we photograph is first of all do not use a flash. Second of all do not put any spot lights or strong lights too close to the painting. Finally we often take photos outside in the shade about mid day because u have an even indirect light this usually gives u great tones and clean color. Just be sure to use a tripod no matter how u photograph it. I really do like the changes you made but the light house is just too flat and white. Ill make sure to grade it in a day or two when you re submit so you wont have to wait. Thanks for making this extra effort maybe one of those suggestions will work . God bless you and stay inspired.