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Hey Gail Thanks for submitting this assignment. The overall affect of the painting is good. However there are a few technical issues we need to address. First of all your sky turned out very nicely. You kept it soft and well blended. Remember Gail at this advanced level of  painting I will be more picky on more things that beginning artists dont usually think about. For instance the top of the light house is crooked and  leaning to the left plus it dose not  fit on top of the light house so you need to rebuild the very top. Also the white tones on the light house are too white plus you need to make the shadow on the right side a bout two values darker and gradually blend to the left to create more roundness to the base. Now your rock formations are really pretty good but they all have about the same tonal values. You need to darken the shadowed side of the front boulders to bring them forward. The ones below the light house are fine. The waves turned really well but are a little busy. It would be good if you would cut down on the white highlights and soften the waves a little. But for the most part the waves look good. I will be excited to see these changes. So God bless you and stay inspired.