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Hi, Gail,

Thanks for resubmitting this assignment. These changes really did make a huge difference. You did a great job. The water looks much better after you removed all of the extra snow clumps. You have much better eye flow. The only thing I really want to discuss is the highlights on the large rock formations. No doubt you made them brighter and they really pop. The problem is you used the same yellowish gold highlights on all of them. It is ok to use those tones for sure but not as the dominant color/tone. Remember these are the red rock canyons and it would be wise to scatter some touches of cad. red light throughout the formations and even touches of bt. siena. This will help warm them up and give them the red tones they are known for. Now your background formations are the proper tone so that worked out ok . Gail there is no need to send this back. These are such minor adjustments I just trust that you can make these adjustments on your own and move on to the next assignment. So keep up the good work, God bless you and stay inspired. This painting deserves a good solid high grade score.