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Hi, Gail, thanks for submitting this assignment. Well as usual Gail you did a great job. your distant mountains turned out great. The structure of all of your objects are done well and your painting technique is really improving. The main problem you have with this painting is your value system in the middle and foreground. The large pointed rock on the right side is too pale and kind of washed out. You need to make it about two values darker along with the smaller rock just below it. Also the large trees on the right side of the road are too light. The yellow gold one should be richer in tone. It would be a good idea to darken the sienna underpainting of the canopy of leaves. This will give you a good foundation to apply the golden yellow leaves. The contrast will really make that tree come alive. Then move to the larger darker tree in the right hand corner and make the leaves about two values darker also Gail make the leaves slightly larger in size to help create a more dense leaf canopy. These two trees are very important to the color and value system of the painting. So do not be afraid to make them very rich in tone because they anchor the foreground. The road, grasses and shadows are in good shape. Once you make the value changes on the rocks and trees you will have a great painting. I cant wait to see how it turns out. God bless you, stay inspired.