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Hay Gail, Thanks for submitting this assignment. I really do like this painting very much. you did a great job on blending. The painting is very soft and clean. you really only have some minor problems that need adjusting. The sky and first layers of distant mountains are great . You got the values and tonal values right on. One problem you have is the small cactus scattered throughout the back ground are too green. In fact all of your cactus are too green. They need to be more of a natural deeper olive green. The mix I finally discovered that works best is purple, hookers green, with a touch of orange and sometimes a little burnt sienna. Then of course add what ever amount of white to change the value for that area of the painting. You did a great job on the dry wash/river bed. Your grasses, bushes, weeds and other ground cover is really nice. The main problem you really have is your rocks. These rocks and boulders should be more rugged and chunky. Your rocks are too rounded. You can have some like that but all of your boulders are rounded off too much on the top edges. So you need to make more rugged edges and unique shapes. Dont misunderstand you have done a good job you just need to create more ruggedness to some but not all of the rocks/ boulders. I cant wait to see the changes just be careful not to over do the corrections. God bless you, stay inspired .