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Rocky Mountain High No. 2 DVD


Five 30-minute segments 20×24 Acrylic on Stretched Canvas

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Level: Beginner to Intermediate

What a great story behind this DVD! This painting includes a subject that stirred an unbelievable and certainly unanticipated amount of interest! Indeed about 18 months ago we released “Rocky Mountain Refuge” which was all about the “mixed media” (oil over acrylic) technique. Jerry used one of his previously created studio paintings while producing Rocky Mountain Refuge in order to spend as much TV (air) time as possible focused on the mixed media technique versus creating an acrylic painting from scratch and then beginning the mixed media technique. When our show was released, much to our surprise, we received an overwhelming number of requests not only for the technique, but from hundreds of students who also really wanted instructions for Jerry’s demo-painting of Rocky Mountain Refuge.

So … since we had no instructional materials for Rocky Mountain Refuge, Jerry created them for you …. And here it is! …. only to differentiate between the two instructional videos, this one is called “Rocky Mountain High No. 2.” You’ll love learning as you create this beautiful painting which includes many wonderful landscape elements: trees, mountains, grass, sky, water, and more! Enjoy!


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