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Nature’s Fury, Unleashed DVD

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Four (4) 30-minute episodes. Acrylic on Stretched 15×30 Canvas.

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Wow! – Again this time Jerry’s selection is from his personal fine art Gallery and presented to you in a student instructional version. In Oklahoma, we get all seasons and all kinds of weather – which is why so many meteorology professionals and students love being here. This month’s subject shows one of our awesome thunderstorms – photographed just after a major storm in Woodward, Oklahoma (located in the panhandle of Oklahoma). Most artists love vast rain and weather conditions, and this is a great study in building multiple layers of values and forms to create an awesome stormy composition. Hurry back to your easel for this one!

2 reviews for Nature’s Fury, Unleashed DVD

  1. Mrs Linda Roden

    I loved this painting, watch this program all of the time

  2. Marianne Jones (verified owner)

    This was the second DVD that I watched. Although my painting was nothing like this, and wasn’t intended to be, it was so helpful in understanding how to paint stormy clouds. Mine was a much darker more destructive storm but it came out good enough to have 3 people fighting over it. My son won the battle and is very happy that he has it. Thank you Jerry for these wonderful videos. They make learning a pleasure.

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