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Appaloosa Beauty DVD


Four 30-minute sessions. Acrylic on 16 x 20 Gallery Wrap.

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Skill Level: Intermediate / Advanced Acrylic Painting, 16×20 Gallery Wrap Canvas With this material Jerry has answered the call of so many of his students who want to do a painting of a horse! Jerry and Mz. Donna both adore horses so no arm-twisting was required – here we go! This particular horse breed is the Appaloosa. The rich and fascinating history of the Appaloosa breed is as unique as its colorful spotted coat patterns. Not only is this a great study of this awesome animal, but you’ll experience several techniques including negative space, several value changes, highlights, grassland, shadows, and so much more including an explanation about the gallery wrap canvas. So get busy on this one – such a great way to spend time in your studio learning all about the “Appaloosa Beauty”.


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