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Yarnell Graduates

We celebrate with our Yarnell Certified Artists for having the creative fortitude, heart, and soul to successfully meet and overcome the challenges of becoming the Artists they were meant to be. Each of you are extraordinary in your success and you are a masterpiece of life and an inspiration to others. Congratulations!

Ken Wuetcher

Study Series include: Landscape I

Ken Wuetcher has been a Louisville, KY artist for over 20 years, specializing in landscape painting. He teaches art classes at the Louisville Free Public Library, Preston Arts, and Louisville Atelier. His paintings have been exhibited at galleries and art shows across Kentucky. Wuetcher’s work is influenced mostly by Jerry Yarnell and Bill Alexander. Mastering the painting techniques of these artists is foremost on his mind. Vincent Van Gogh summed it up best: “I am seeking. I am striving. I am in it with all my heart.”


Lea Zhang

Study Series include: Landscape I and II

Lea Zhang, originally from China, studied Japanese language and literature, then taught at a college in China before coming to the United States in 1987.

But since high school, her hope was to one day become an artist. Life and chance made it unrealistic for her to learn professional painting until she found books and videos online. Mr. Yarnell’s online art school captivated her passion for painting and helped make artist dream possible.

Nature is both her inspiration and her subject. She finds that her creativity and imagination wanders most freely on the canvas of a landscape painting. With the skills and principles she learned from Mr. Jerry Yarnell, she will be freely painting the beauty of nature, and sharing these painting with all that enjoy nature.