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5 Reasons to Get Into Fine Art

Art is a beautiful form of expression. For centuries, people have used art to communicate all kinds of ideas and feelings. If you take an online painting class, you may discover that you want to enjoy art as more than just a hobby. Fine art can be an excellent career path for anyone with a…

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3 Tips for Picking up an Artistic Hobby and Sticking With It

Many spend their entire lives wishing they could make art like “real artists”. Thankfully, there are a lot of resources available for building up helpful skills and finding a style of art that’s meaningful to you. If you’re the type to prefer having other artists to learn alongside, an online painting class for adults might…

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5 Reasons to Start Painting Again

Why do so many of us love drawing and painting as children but lose that love as adults? It’s never too late to start painting again. Whether you are just starting or haven’t painted in years, painting has several benefits. If you ever needed a reason to paint, here are five reasons to pick up…

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5 Ways NFTs Shook Up the Fine Art Industry This Year

NFT stands for non-fungible tokens, which can be tied to an asset and then transferred, traded, or sold. NFT has found its way to games, music, film, and art. However, art is where it has shaken up the industry. If you want to know how NFT can help you sell your artwork or become an…

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And so it begins!

This is our first post. Cool eh?

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