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Bonding With Your Adult Child in an Online Painting Class

It may seem like it was just yesterday that you first brought your child home from the hospital. Now they’re an adult, and while the two of you have your own separate lives, you still want to keep a connection with them. Why not take an online painting class for adults together? The arts continue to grow — according to IBISWorld, 2022 saw a 4.4% increase in people taking part in performing and creative arts as compared to 2021. A creative activity can be the perfect way to bond with your adult child.

Both of You Can Learn a New Skill Together

An online painting class for adults is something that both of you can enjoy as equals, as the two of you are going to be students at the same time. In the past, you were usually the instructor for your child when they were younger. Now, both of you get to learn something new together.

You Can Both Commit

Scheduling a class that both you and your child will take together can help you hold each other accountable in a way that doesn’t feel overbearing. Hobbies make the perfect opportunity for you and your child to bond with each other and better keep in touch. Enrolling in a painting class together will feel less like an obligation and more like a friendly meet-up. Plus, since everything is online, you won’t need to worry about planning transportation. It’s an easy way to ensure the two of you will always make time to spend together.

You Can Encourage Each Other

Since you and your child will be on equal footing when you take an online painting class for adults, you can be each other’s cheerleaders when it comes to viewing each other’s work. Did one of you put together a nice series of colors in an abstract painting, or did the other do a great job properly capturing the lighting on a subject? Sharing encouraging feedback like this is a great way to strengthen the positive bond the two of you share.

Are you looking for an online painting class for adults that you and your child can enjoy together? If so, contact the Yarnell School of Fine Art today to learn more!