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Fall 05

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Season – Fall

This painting is very challenging, and I will be focusing on the warm/cool balance of the tonal values. I will be looking at the horizontal and vertical depth and your ability to dry-brush multiple glazes to create the soft bluish mist. The road, boulders, trees, and grasses will really test all of your technical skills. I will be looking for loose, painterly strokes to create the professional look all of you aspire to have. “Don’t let this painting fool you – it is harder than you think.”
Good luck and God Bless You!

Recommended instructional material from Yarnell School Online:
The instructional material we have on YSO will be a benefit for certain techniques – and by now you should have a feel for what snippets and paintings there can best enable you. We continue to advise you to take full advantage of those.
However, know that because the Category Landscape II is so advanced and because this is an extremely advanced painting, we do not have instructional material to match up to these assignments. To explain, once you reach this level, we assume that you already have gained and retained the knowledge, ability, and techniques at a level that will help propel you in getting through these painting assignments.


  • Grade: 85%
  • Submitted on: 2023-08-16 20:15:19

Hello, Ken thanks for being so patient. We have been moving our home and studio to another location.So we got way behind on our work. But now we are up at full strength. This painting turned out very nicely.The changes you made are really good. So your mountains, fog/mist look great. The waterfall is great and your aspen trees turned out very good.The main problem you have now is the grass in the middle of the road front to back is way too stiff and dark. Remember the value rule. lighter in back and gradually darker as the grass comes forward, Also some of the weeds need to be taller as they come forward and looser and some need to bend over, Other then that this painting turned out very well. However as we have discussed in the past you still paint very stiff and edgy. Although you have made great improvments.Just keep practicing painting with looser strokes. Good luck, stay inspired and God bless you. Cant wait to see your next assignment. By the way I love your dead tree stump.

  • Grade: 65%
  • Submitted on: 2023-07-18 12:41:45

Hey Ken thanks submitting this assignment. Sorry I am little behind but have been extra busy. Ok as I have mentioned before the main problem you seem to be having is your blending technique. You tend to have very hard/harsh edges specifically on the road and shadows in the grass plus the shadows are too dark and need to have much softer edges. Your sky,mountains and background turned out really good. The only issue there is you used too much white in the fog/misty areas which makes the fog look very chalky. The mixture should be white with a touch of ultramarine blue and dioxazine purple. Just be sure the mixture dose not appear too white when you apply it. Now be sure to soften and lighten all of your cast shadows to eliminate hard edges. The next thing is that the road is way over highlighted and shadows are also too harsh. The shadows should be more of a mauvish gray color. Remember the rule" the values should be lighter at the back of the road and gradually become darker as you come forward. Your road has no value changes it is all one tone so you really do need to change that. The trees and rocks turned out fairly good. The only other thing is the dead aspen tree on the left of the road is too light for that area of the value system. Even though they have a whittish bark you still need to make it darker for where it is located. I cant wait to see the changes. God bless you and stay inspired.66  

  • Grade: 95%
  • Submitted on: 2022-06-26 17:04:17

Hi, Gail, Thanks for re submitting this assignment. I must say you did a great job re structuring the leaf canopy on the trees.  And over all this painting is one of your best pieces. Now there are some very minor things that really dont justify re submitting but would help make the painting more accurate. For instance the large tree on the right could use more limbs to help support the leaf pattern. Also the reflected highlight on the tree trunks should be a little bit stronger and more on the mauvish side. There is something about the light colored rock just below the large boulder in the shadow on the right side of the road. It is too pale and washed out. It should be  deeper in tone and with more sharper rugged edges. As you know rocks and boulders give every one trouble so just keep practicing . Over all Gail you did a great job. Congratulations. This painting is going to pass with flying colors. Keep up the good work and God bless you and stay inspired.

  • Grade: 65%
  • Submitted on: 2022-06-26 14:15:41

Gail, just assigning this grade so you are able to immediately resubmit.

  • Grade: 65%
  • Submitted on: 2022-06-06 23:18:51

Hi, Gail, thanks for submitting this assignment. Well as usual Gail you did a great job. your distant mountains turned out great. The structure of all of your objects are done well and your painting technique is really improving. The main problem you have with this painting is your value system in the middle and foreground. The large pointed rock on the right side is too pale and kind of washed out. You need to make it about two values darker along with the smaller rock just below it. Also the large trees on the right side of the road are too light. The yellow gold one should be richer in tone. It would be a good idea to darken the sienna underpainting of the canopy of leaves. This will give you a good foundation to apply the golden yellow leaves. The contrast will really make that tree come alive. Then move to the larger darker tree in the right hand corner and make the leaves about two values darker also Gail make the leaves slightly larger in size to help create a more dense leaf canopy. These two trees are very important to the color and value system of the painting. So do not be afraid to make them very rich in tone because they anchor the foreground. The road, grasses and shadows are in good shape. Once you make the value changes on the rocks and trees you will have a great painting. I cant wait to see how it turns out. God bless you, stay inspired.