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Stormy Sky, Sunset, Rock Formations (Summer) 04

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Season – Optional
Size – 16 x 20 Acrylic – Horizontal Format

In this assignment I will be focusing on your ability to blend the numerous gray tones in a gradated fashion so as to make the transition from cloud formation to cloud formation very subtle with soft – yet defined edges. I will also be looking at the way you arrange the large foreground boulders as well as your value system for creating depth. One word of advice on this painting: Be very sure that your paint is nice and creamy which will help greatly in blending your clouds to helping eliminate the rough scratchy look when a mixture is too dry.

Value changes
– this painting should have 4-5 value changes.

Recommended instructional material from Yarnell School Online:
Study Series #302 – Stormy Skies
Snippet, Volume #2 – Basic Objects
Study Series #304 – Water Falls (has large boulders)
Painting #801 – Back Country Boulders


  • Status: Awaiting Review
  • Submitted on: 2021-04-26 12:37:21