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3 Tips for Picking up an Artistic Hobby and Sticking With It

An Online Painting Class for Adults is Just the Beginning of a Fun Hobby

Many spend their entire lives wishing they could make art like “real artists”. Thankfully, there are a lot of resources available for building up helpful skills and finding a style of art that’s meaningful to you. If you’re the type to prefer having other artists to learn alongside, an online painting class for adults might be a great place to start. Here are three helpful tips to get you started.

1. Learning Your Medium

The truth is that there’s no bad place to start, and no right way to create. However, pursuing an art form you don’t enjoy is a quick way to lose interest in art as a whole. Not everyone finds passion in things like clay, still-life drawing, or many of the other basics that are taught in school. According to Ibis World Analytics, there were over 1,136,970 creative arts businesses running in the U.S. in 2022. The art industry is ever-growing, and artists are growing with it! Revisiting something in an art class for adults can light a new spark on an old flame, or give you the opportunity to try something completely new.

2. Choosing Your Setting

Where you decide to create is also a factor. Some find it easier to travel to a studio, whereas the comfort of the home is the ideal space for others. This is one reason art studios continue to host online art classes for adults. Finding the best online art classes for your life can be nerve-wracking, and sometimes the best solution is to just try it and see how it goes! Pushing limits is the only way to really learn.

3. Finding Your Muse

The final foundational piece of creating is finding the love in it. People are daunted by the concept of skill, having fun and enjoying what you’re doing is the whole point! Surrounding yourself with like-minded people that support your creativity and challenge you to grow can be the real key to making art a part of your life.

The biggest myth of the art world is that artists are born with talent. At the end of the day, this isn’t true. There really is a type of art for everyone, you just have to find your niche. The Yarnell School Artists are offering an online painting class for adults and have many other resources as well for people looking to advance artistically. Feel free to contact us for more info. We look forward to creating together!