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Hello, Ken–


Thanks for resubmitting this assignment. The suggested changes you made

Really did help the painting to be more technically correct. As I mentioned before

Your value system, color scheme and composition are good. The rocks and boulders are well placed and their color and value turned out really good. However they are a bit to rounded and smooth to be desert rocks. So you need to make them more rugged/jagged and not so smooth. So Ken the main thing I would like to help you with is your blending techniques. If you notice for example the dark bush on the left of the large cactus looks cut out and pasted on. You need to use a #4or6 bristle brush and scrub the edges of the bush, grass and any other objects that have a strong contrast of dark against light or light against dark like the large cactus, the dark side of the large boulder in the lower right corner and the shadows of the boulders cast on the sandy wash. If we can get you to soften your edges on certain objects and paint with more impressionistic and looser strokes your work will improve instantly. So Spend a little a more time on these basic things and I will take another look and then you should be finished. Thanks for all your effort. God bless you and stay inspired.