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Hey Ken thanks for re submitting this assignment. Sorry for the delay but have been extremely busy but finally back on track and trying to get caught up. You have made some great progress on this painting. But there are still some things you need to work out. Nothing major but at this advanced level of painting we dont want to leave any stone unturned . As I mentioned before your background values in the sky, mountains and trees are good.  are good .  The issue is with the bright orange bushes imbedded in the boulders on the right side. They over whelm the painting a little too much. They need to be painted similar to the leaves on the aspen trees. With a darker underpainting and more just touches of the orange highlights. They are too solid. So break them up a little instead of just a solid mass. I guess you could say they need a little more air/pockets of negative space. The Middle and foreground boulders are pretty good. Just keep practicing your brush strokes to create more rugged edges and not so rounded. Just for the record every one struggles with these. So dont worry you will improve as time passes. Now your water is good except in the foreground darker. Your water appears to angle too much to the left. So flatten out the highlights so they are more level. This will make your water appear flatter and more level. Dont misunderstand you dont want to loose the movement of the water you just want to level the water . finally your fallen log in the foreground still looks like a square log instead of rounded. This is easy to fix . Just blend the highlight into the shadow area to get rid of the hard line. So make these changes and you should be in good shape. God bless you and stay inspired.