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Yarnell School Online (Bi-Annual, 6th month is free!)

$125.00 every 6 months



Enroll in YSO (Yarnell school online) for a monthly OR Bi‐annual fee (biannual gets 1 month free). Once purchased/enrolled, client will have access to a bank of categories for which they may view/participate. Each category may have 1 or more images/projects from which to participate. Each image/project will contain the Name, Paint Medium, Skill Level, Instruction Duration, Release Date, The Project Image and a clickable “details” document that includes all relevant info AND the actual video. PRIOR to enrolment, a POTENTIAL client will see a TRUNCATED (10 minutes) version of ONE series example video. Once a client is enrolled, they will have access to the FULL versions (+‐ 30 min) of ALL videos.


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