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Yarnell Certified Artist Program – Landscape Painting I


Yarnell Certified™ Artist Program – Landscape Painting I



This is the only PREREQUISITE certification program that you must take. All certification students must start here and successfully complete each painting with a score of 7 or above. Once you have completed this program and received your certificate – then you can move on to any of the other Certification Programs you wish. Landscape Painting I has a total of eight (8) painting assignments designed by Jerry and one (1) of these eight (8) painting assignments that you must design and complete on your own. (Read tips, suggestions, and ideas posted under each painting image before you begin).

This is a list of the paintings you will be required to do:
1 – 18 x 24 Horizontal – High Country Mountain Scene, Running Stream, Pine Trees, Rocks, Flowers (Late Spring)
2 – 18 x 24 Horizontal – Old Cabin, Broken Fence, Sunset, Snow (Winter)
3 – 12 x 24 Vertical – Winding dirt road with Aspen Trees (Autumn)
4 – 16 x 20 Horizontal – Stormy Sky, Sunset, Rock Formations (Summer)
5 – 15 x 30 Horizontal – Rolling Hills, Eroded Banks, Large Dead Tree (Summer or Spring)
6 – 16 x 20 Vertical – Waterfall (Summer)
7 – 18 x 24 Horizontal – Swamp with large leafy trees, flowers (Early Spring)
8 – Surprise Painting – Jerry will furnish list of subjects; you then do your own research and compose your painting from scratch.
Note:  Each painting assignment will come with tips and suggestions and recommended instructional material. I look forward to seeing your first painting!
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