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Paint This with Jerry Yarnell® “Watercolor” Kit


Beginner to Intermediate – Everything you need from A-Z to get you started!

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In conjunction with the addition of NEW watercolor instructions on Yarnell School Online, Jerry has created an all new Paint This with Jerry Yarnell® Watercolor Kit that includes everything you need from A-Z to get you started! This Kit has been specially designed by Jerry for Beginner to Intermediate students. Watercolor is a wonderful, exciting medium that is very versatile, fun, and easy to work with and of course non-toxic so there are no obnoxious odors to deal with! The materials included in this kit are very high quality products that will help you become acquainted with the basic watercolor procedures.

  • 6 Brushes: #4 Yarnell Signature Script Liner, #4 Yarnell Signature Round Sable, #4 Yarnell Signature Flat Sable, #2 Dynasty, #4 Dynasty, and our ALL NEW Yarnell Signature 1.5” Hake Brush
  • Masterson Watercolor Palette (Aqua Pro), 12×16
  • 14 Tubes of Grumbacher Academy Watercolor Paint: Burnt Sienna, Burnt Umber, Cad. Orange Hue, Cad Red Medium Hue, Cobalt Hue Blue, Hookers Green Deep Hue, Mauve, Permanent Green Light, Prussian Blue, Ultramarine Blue, Thalo Crimson, Yellow Ochre Hue, Cad Yellow Medium Hue, Thalo Green Yellow
  • Strathmore 300 series Watercolor Pad (Cold-Pressed), 11×15 (12 Sheets)
  • ¾ “ Masking Tape (60 Yards)
  • Yarnell Mister Bottle
  • Brush Basin
  • Sketching Pencil
  • Kneaded Eraser
  • Masonite Board, 13×17
  • Paint This with Jerry Yarnell™ Instructional DVD: Watercolor 101 + 2 Paintings (Basic Landscape and Mallard Duck)
  • Wool Sponge, Medium
  • Quick Set Up Guide / Palette Layout Sheet – No Charge
  • Additional Tips from Jerry Yarnell – No Charge


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