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About YCAP

YCAP is short for Yarnell Certified Artist Program.  Yes, it’s a mouth full so just say, “wy-cap”. The Yarnell Certified Artist Program is designed to enhance your artistic credibility in fine art by engaging in a series of pre-selected paintings and study exercises led by Master Artist and Professional Instructor Jerry Yarnell.

While the Program is not designed for Beginners, YCAP is for those who already possess a good foundation in fine art techniques (composition, design, perspective, color-mixing, values, etc.). The Program will build upon your already existing skills so that you can be recognized as a certified “fine art” artist under Jerry Yarnell.

The Program’s main purpose is to help you become the best artist you can be by using the same master techniques perfected over the years by Jerry Yarnell.

Getting Started with the Yarnell CertifiedTM Artist Program (YCAP) is as easy as 1-2-3

1. Enroll in a Certification Category by completing your purchase transaction through the Yarnell Online Store.

2. Agree to YCAP Terms and Conditions by clicking the link provided in the “Welcome to YCAP” email.

3. Do what you love. Do your first Painting Assignment and send it to Jerry!

The YCAP Process

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