Getting Started with the Yarnell CertifiedTM Artist Program (YCAP) is as easy as 1-2-3

Number 1 of 3 steps in getting started with the Yarnell CertifiedTM Artist Program is to go to the Yarnell Secured Online Store and complete your purchase of the Landscape I Certification Program. When you have completed this transaction, CONGRATULATIONS! as you have just "Paid your Tuition." Remember, if you have purchased any of your art supplies from the Yarnell Online Store before, you do not need to register yourself when completing the check-out process. Just use the same Yarnell Online Store (aka Shop Cart) email address and password that you have used in the past to login when checking out. If you want to learn more about the 1-2-3 Step process to Getting Started With YCAP, please take a look at the visual aids below. The chart illustrates overall how the YCAP works, and the 1-2-3 guide overviews each simple step in getting registered.

1-2-3 Simple Steps to YCAP

Step 1

Enroll in a Certification Category by completing your purchase transaction through the Yarnell Online Store.

This step is to complete purchase of the Landscape I Certification Program. You will see an invoice on the screen upon successful purchase completion. You will also be receiving an automated email confirming your purchase. Once you complete your purchase, you must wait for the Yarnell School Administrator to send you a “Welcome to YCAP” email as described in Step 2. The process usually takes no more than two (2) business days.
Step 2

Agree to YCAP Terms and Conditions by clicking the link provided in the
Welcome to YCAP email.

In this step, you are going to click through the Terms and Conditions link in the email that has been sent to you from Yarnell School. Please contact us if you do not receive the email with a subject line “YCAP Terms and Conditions” from Yarnell School within two (2) business days of your purchase. You must click on the Terms and Conditions link in the email and complete the process. You must also send us a signed copy of your Terms and Conditions via fax to 918-512-4118. To ensure delivery of all YCAP emails as well as any additional emails from Yarnell School directly to your inbox, to your address book/Contact list today.

Want to read the Terms and Conditions before signing up? Click here

Step 3

Do what you love. Do your first Painting Assignment and send it to Jerry!

By now, you have completed steps 1 and 2. You are ready to start submitting your Painting Assignments through the Yarnell Student Center. All the detailed requirements and recommended study materials for each of your Painting Assignments are right there for you at Student Center. You can always also access the Yarnell Student Center from the YCAP Home Page.