By Sheela

5   New jersey, United States ||  Feb 08 2015

Hi jerry i adminre your paintngs always. watch your shows in Create and inspired to paint. I am a member of YSO and want to ask you if you could do a subject snippets i struggle to paint rabbit and mud puddles. can you do a snippet pleaseThanks

Sheela, check out Snippet Volume 7 which includes a rabbit.   Also, Snippet Volume 5 illustrates tips on painting water.

By Joanne

5   Auburn, New York, United States ||  Dec 28 2014

Hi Jerry, Just wanted you to know, you are, by far, my favorite TV painting artist.  I have watched Bob Ross, Bill Alexander and also Barbara Harris. I am not an oil painter, I have only done acrylic paintings. I don't have too many in my collection, but have been wanting to do a acrylic painting of my German Shepherd Dog, Koa...I was wondering, sometime in your future, if you could be so kind and do a German Shepherd Dog painting. I would so greatly appreciate it. If you couldn't, could you please send me some pointers on my subject. Koa is your typical black and tan/red color shepherd.  I do realize it may take some time for you to get to it, with all the requests you get of other subjects.  Thank You so kindly, Joanne Reeves

By Susan Harris

5   Winnfield, LA, United States ||  Dec 27 2014

Dear Jerry.....I watch your show on KETZ. I have been watching the painting shows PBS has offered for over 30 years. All the way back to Bill Alexander (I am showing my age!) They have all been good and enhanced my skills along. But your show is exceptional! I have learned more about technique in the last few months than all the other years combined. Thank you for giving those of us who have been unable to receive formal training a real opportunity to learn and grow. Hope to sign up for your online classes soon. God bless you and Ms Donna! Thank you! Susan

By JoAnne Waltenburg

5   Greenville, SC, United States ||  Dec 12 2014

I was glad your program returned to the local station this fall. Occasionally I will miss a program and wonder how you painted a certain area. I was wondering if it would be possible to capture the progress of a painting in, say  30 seconds or less on each show as a help to those of us who missed a part.  I know your time is limited on air, but I think a recap would be a unique addition and would probably not be too difficult to make from previous shows.     Thanks   JoAnne

By Midge McLean

5   Jonesborough, TN, United States ||  Dec 02 2014

I'm SO GLAD you are back on the local PBS Create Station!!  I'm just a beginning painter and LOVE your instruction!<div><br></div>

By cathy smith

5   bladenboro nc, United States ||  Nov 23 2014

I am so very blessed to be able to study with the wonderful paints and brushes and instructional matter. I have been teaching myself to paint for about 48 years with any paint that I could get and it was always the cheep kind and it has been so frustrating. I have been able to paint landscapes and people say I do real good, but they don't know what I have had to go through just to do what  I love to do, but your paints and brushes and other materials have opened up a whole new world for me. Thank you for making these paints available and affordable. God Bless You, my friend in Christ.

By John Schweier

5   Waterford Michigan, United States ||  Nov 23 2014

Just wanted to tell you that I watch you program at 5:30 am here on Sunday's and I enjoy it so very much.I paint in acrylic  and am a self taught painter. Most of my are of scenic and that's why i enjoy yours.May God Bless you for all your teachings. thanks John Schweier

By Mark

5   Scranton, United States ||  Nov 19 2014

Hi Jerry, this is Mark from Scranton again. Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed watching you paint the cityscape. As you said, it was something different for you to do and I agree. I'm going to have to paint my own cityscape sometime, which I have thought of, just haven't worked it in yet. You mentioned adding stars to your painting, and I would add some. Actually, I was thinking of doing a cityscape of Scranton with a fireworks display. Again, great subject matter for a painting and you did a nice job on the painting, loved watching it come together! Thanks for your inspirations

By Karen K. Clark

5   St. Louis, MO, United States ||  Nov 10 2014

I love your television shows.  I have watched various artists but enjoy your shows the most, for a variety of reasons.<div>I wonder if you do portraits also.</div>

By Terry Giboney

5   Kansas City, United States ||  Nov 07 2014

Well Jerry....I wasn't crazy about you at first.  they took Bob Ross off three days a week and put you in.  However..after a few weeks, I was looking for <i>YOU</i>  instead of Bob Ross! LOL Great you...I was going to say how cute you are  but then I read the ministry, prayer, things..and though spiritual I felt telling you, you are cute might be....hmmmm get me in trouble! Oh well!

By Renee Hubble

5   Michigan, United States ||  Nov 06 2014

Hi<div>   I have perchased  your books and cds , many of them.  I have painted 4 of your paintings with you like step by beautiful step ,  2 winter sceens  and the stone wall.  Because of the copy write laws can I present them ?  please respond back and let me know.  thank you so much for your guidance . in painting      I paint every day in my studio and love it!  thanks. 

You can find that answer from the FAQs section of Jerry’s website. These are answers to questions that Jerry has answered over the years, and they are a FREE resource for Jerry’s students. We emailed you as well.

By Deborah Allegri

5   Skykomish Washington, United States ||  Nov 05 2014

Thank you so much Jerry, I live up in the mountains, and am so thankful for your TV shows. I watch them and study them. You have inspired my heart to paint and I want to thank you for your instructions. Your the best!  I just wanted to let you know how I love painting now! Debbie

By Jim Swanson

5   Columbus, Ohio, United States ||  Nov 05 2014

Jerry, I so much want to thank you for your PBS TV show and your work books which have inspired me and continues to do so. I turned 50 in Nov. of last year and I decided to try a new artistic medium. The way you teach really shows technique and what to expect when using acrylics. It's been a year now and I've come a long way. Again, thank you, and God Bless. Jim

By Heather Hill

5   Beaver Dam, WI, United States ||  Nov 02 2014

Jerry,  I study with you daily on Milwaukee public TV and have learned so much from you.  I've worked with other popular instructors but tired of the- same old same old- of their style.You are the best and I want to Thank You!! Heather Hill

By Myriam Martinez

5   Puerto Rico, United States ||  Oct 31 2014

I Have a passion for painting and because of work obligations its only a hobby from time to time and also for this reason I have been using the Bob Ross technique.  But I really enjoy your show and even though this technique requires much more time to finish a painting is the technique that inspires me.  I love your show and you have  a great spirit of peace that only god gives us so god bless you.

By Rick Ruser

5   Rutherfordton, NC, United States ||  Oct 30 2014

Jerry I really enjoy your show, I use Bob Ross's technique, and yours is also good instruction, Thank you

By Judy

5   Arizona, United States ||  Oct 26 2014

Jerry, I have been watching your PBS shows for quite some time now and I just wanted to thank you for helping me improve my painting skills.  Your shows are full of detailed instructions which makes it easy for beginners like me to follow.  Thanks again! 

By Laurie

5   Portage Wisconsin, United States ||  Oct 26 2014

I am so glad to have you back on PBS!  God has truly blessed you with your talent<and your ability to teach it to us!  Right now I am watching you paint the red barn picture.  You asked if anyone knew why so many barns were painted red.  I had often wondered that myself!  I read somewhere - years ago - that the reason for that was because red paint was cheaper than other colors!  I wish I could remember where I read that but at the time it seemed to be a very reliable source.  May God bless you too!

By Tomara Maitra

5   Marietta, GA, United States ||  Oct 26 2014

Dear Jerry and crew; I wanted to take a minute and let you know that here on PBS in Georgia, they are showing your 'Color 101' program, and I have to say, I am so grateful for your instruction! Thank you for taking the time to walk through the 'basics', which are the foundations for any great painting. Over the past few years I have faithfully recorded your shows, and your teachings have guided me to be brave with my own painting, to practice with your guidelines, and my own techniques have improved immensely. So again, thank you for all that you do for the artist community, thank you for taking the time to really break down how a painting actually progresses, and for doing so faithfully over the years. Your inspiration and teachings are a true gift to us all. Tomara

By Joy

5   texas, United States ||  Oct 25 2014

This was the first time I have watched your show but I will be looking for it from now your technichs. I feel like I learned a lot in you 705 painting.

By Johnb821

5   , Albania ||  Oct 25 2014

Hi, I desire to subscribe for this web site to obtain latest updates, therefore where can i do it please assist.

By Barb

5   Arizona, United States ||  Oct 25 2014

I love your show Jerry and have been watching it for a number of years. I have no desire to be a artist but have a great love for the artwork of the old masters. Having recently returned from Italy and visiting many museums and churches, because of your teaching, I was able to see how the master's built their work. I was attuned to the layering process used to create the incredible works of art. May appreciation has grown exponentially because of watching you and learning from your teaching. Thank you so very much, God bless you and the amazing talent He has given you.

By Sherry

5   Michigan, United States ||  Oct 23 2014

Love love love your classes on PBS!  You are the best instructor I've ever had, your methodology really works for me, and I share the same interests in painting.  I use WMO, which I really like.  Some instructors are kind of uppity about WMO's, but you sell them!Thanks for being the person you are Sherry

By Sharon

5   , United States ||  Oct 21 2014

REALLY enjoy your program here on Channel 10 and 310 in Portland Oregon.  The classes have been so helpful.

By Jean Lampe

5   California, United States ||  Oct 17 2014

Thank you for inspiring me to renew my love of painting.  I've learned so much.  Your God given talent and teaching methods are just what I needed to start back to my teenage hobby after I let fear, lack of knowledge,  and limited skills.  Thank you Jerry!<br>

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