By Marilyn Bryant

5   Pembroke Pines, FL, United States ||  Nov 07 2010

Hi Jerry,,,I have written before when I found your website.  This new one is even better! Haven't been able to watch you on TV since I moved from W. FL to E. FL (don't have cable).  Miss you greatly & love your work. You are truly a blessing. Have always known you were a Christian, which makes your work more special, but would like to know more about your background and church affiliation.  God bless you and your family richly for your witness and inspiration. I'm trying to get back into painting, but don't have much space in this apt. Am caretaker of my dad who will be 97 in Jan. He is a retired Assembly of God minister.

By Mark Peterson

1   Spokane, United States ||  Oct 25 2010

Enjoyed the snippets...your able to see the example without being distracted by the overall compostion.…. I would like to see a study of rocks and logs under the water as seen near the shoreline.. You did a study years ago, but that was before dvd...I don't own a vcr any more...Thanks again

By Joyce Branham

5   Sulphur Well, Ky, United States ||  Oct 22 2010

Took the paint mixing class at Bardstown, KY and learned sooooo much.  Some things just fell into place for me after that class.  Thank you so much  and thank you Donna for calling me about the time.

By Cathy Eberhardt

5   Mt. Washington KY, United States ||  Oct 21 2010

LOVED the lecture and both art classes! Learned a lot again and am finally getting more satisfied with my painting and so anxious to start my first commissioned work next week. And I already have a 2nd one! Loved the Hampton Inn too although I didn't need to stay there, it seemed easier access for those that did since they didn't have to go out in the weather to get to class. Always love buying new products too! Have really enjoyed the miniature series -got America's Pride and Homestead. Anxious to try those too! Painting takes me away from the pain of lupus now and I do appreciate the prayers and pray that you and Donna have a very safe trip back home. Love you both!

By Theressa

5   Michigan MI, United States ||  Oct 21 2010

I so enjoy your progrms on all available PBS CHANNELS.  I freak whenever you are not on or moved to a different channel.  But eventually you return to another and I am always so happy and relieved.  Would love to get copies of some of those teaching series.  Especially love the one about the River Runs through it.  I have learned so much from your shows.  Can't wait to find out more about your online classes.  Thanks much and God Bless you and yours.

By Janet Fritz

5   Parma Hts. Ohio, United States ||  Oct 21 2010

The Bardstown lecture on Color was FANTASTIC!!  So happy you have started presenting these lectures, as they add so much more to the information that is in your books!!  Enough praise cannot be given to the Yarnells!!   Always a joy to see you both!!   God Bless!!

By Bill Reed

5   Mississippi, United States ||  Oct 21 2010

Please let me know when your online school is ready. I have purchased 12 of your landscape DVDs and love your instructions. thank You Bill Reed

By Karen Manderscheid

5   Independence,ks, United States ||  Oct 16 2010

Jerry, just wanted you to know we finally made it to Colorado and on up to the Grand Tetons.  I now know why you paint the mountains.  I love it there and would move in a minute.  It is the place to paint, I know God must live there at least part of the time.  Larry loved it too.  I have a painting started from pic we took at the Hidden Falls  on Jenny Lake.  Then want to do one of the Tetons for our Home.  I may have to make a few trips to Oklahoma for your help.  Thanks for teaching me about Rocks, Mountains, and Clouds!!!!!!painting makes ones heart  happy  and it is a have to do thing.  thanks again, karen

By Roger Buenzow

5   Biloxi, MS, United States ||  Oct 09 2010

I just viewed Vol 2 of the new Snippets the one on Rocks, Mountains, and Blending the Sky.I can't tell you how much I enjoy watching them. The new Snippet's are just fantastic.Better than Inspiration of Painting or your old shows on Yarnell Art. I can watch and paint a specific subject and just practice and practice until I get the results I want. Plz keep developing snippets. I look forward to allyour new and advanced subjects!

By Dotti Ferguson

5   South East Georgia, United States ||  Oct 04 2010

Jerry, I enjoyed being in your class in Skiatook last month with you.  I really liked meeting the nice local folks there who were painting, too.  Al had a great time at Uncle BJ's and they even got him a Skiatook Street Dept T shirt. I hope to finish up the swamp scene soon but haven't had time to get back to painting as we were traveling since I was there but will get to it soon.  Actually, still unpacking art supplies I loaded up on in Sante Fe at a great shop there. Dotti Ferguson

By Dawn Blair

5   Twin Falls, Idaho, United States ||  Oct 02 2010

Enjoyed your class in Golden, Colorado. I can't wait to attend another and I'm excited to see your online school in action. Thank you for your teachings and for your critiques -- it's helped take my painting to the next level. Wishing you all the best!

By Linda Martindale Joshua

5   Oklahoma City, United States ||  Oct 02 2010

Hi Jerry,  Do not know if you remember me but I went to school in Okmulgee Tech and was in a couple of your classes.  I am also Ron Martindale's cousin. Ron's dad is living in Houston with Steve. You look like you are doing great with the art classes.  When I get some extra money I will order one of your DVDs.  I have not been doing much art because Life got in the way. But I am really feeling the art urge.

By Rick Wehner

5   Centennial, United States ||  Sep 20 2010

Every year I look forward to the Yarnell workshop.  I've attended Jerry's classes for the last 7 or 8 years and there is no question that he ALWAYS over-delivers.  I look forward to it every year and I hang my paintings in my house with great pride.  There is nothing quite like the feeling of having a friend ask, "Who painted that?", and being able to say, "I did".  Thank you Jerry!

By Jean Meinke

5   9835 Townsville Cir., Littleton, CO, United States ||  Sep 19 2010

(Hopefully 5 = excellent)  I had a wonderful time and learned a lot.  Since I was not able to paint for the past 3 yrs., it was difficult to keep up, but the video will be very helpful.  You have made me excited about painting again.  Dale and I plan to be at your class again next year.  (Thanks for sending the "paint." Best wishes to both of you.  Jean Meinke

By Lorraine Thomas

5   Farmington NM, United States ||  Sep 19 2010

I LOVED LOVED the time I spent in your studio in Oklahoma!! I learned so very much. I am sorry I couldn't make it to Albuquerque.  God blessed you with such talent and we are blessed that you share in teaching us to use our talent to the best of our ability.  I have several of our cds and books and use them frequently.  Thanks again!! Lorraine Thomas

By Carol Wilkinson

5   Colorado, United States ||  Sep 17 2010

Jerry and Donna - just a note to tell you how much I truly enjoyed the workshop in Golden - and can't wait to attend another one - hopefully there at your home base.  It was very informative and again truly enjoyable.

By Monty Smith

5   Carlsbad Mew Mexic, United States ||  Sep 16 2010

Jerry and Donna, I enjoyed the workshop in Albq. I learned a lot of new information. I very much enjoyed the snippit CDs They have been and will be quit hhelpful

By Mary E

5   Illinoi, United States ||  Sep 16 2010

Enjoy your programs!  Keep it up! Mary E

By Dorothy Ormerod

5   Albuquerque, United States ||  Sep 11 2010

It's always a pleasure to see Jerry and Donna and familiar faces and new ones, too, at our Albuquerque workshop.  Jerry is such a wonderful teacher, and since I am a beginner, I do get stressed out with the challenges I am given.  Then Jerry pulls me though it. I am always amazed at what I can do, and I liked working with the new Dynasty brushes, too.  I'm so pleased I finally learned how to load my script brush. What a difference it makes.  Thanks Jerry & Donna for all your loving patience.  I went to bed early Tuesday night, and slept 14 hours!!!!!

By Jerry Byrd

5   Los Alamos, NM, United States ||  Sep 10 2010

Great Workshop!!! Lots of technique information and the opportunity to actually put it on the canvas. I originally thought the subject was to simple, but I gained alot of valuable knowledge for future paintings. Thanks for your kindness, patience and sharing your wonderful artistic knowledge with us all. Donna this includes you. TEAM YARNELL - your the best!!! You know you haven't been "mooned" ; till you've been "mooned by the "Great One", Jerry Yarnell. See ya the next full MOON.

By Tony Sisneros

5   Edgewood, NM, United States ||  Sep 10 2010

Jerry, Donna I enjoyed very much being with you this past week in Albuquerque. I want to let you know that I learned quite a bit this past workshop, including how to "MOON"! !. Shirley and I are looking forward to attendending some of your weekday classes at your studio in the near future. Thank you, and hope to see you soon. Antonio (Tony) and Shirley Sisneros

By Marilyn S

5   Albuquerque, NM, United States ||  Sep 09 2010

I just attended the Starry Starry Night workshop in Albuquerque. It was wonderful. I never thought I would learn so much from a painting that looked so simple. I have been painting everyday since the workshop. Thanks so much, I look forward to the next one.

By Wendy C

5   Denver, United States ||  Sep 09 2010

Jerry, I stopped by your workshop in Golden, Colorado, to pick up a few supplies, and was pleasantly greeted by Donna -- your new Bride!  Love the work both of you are doing, and I sure hope I can attend your next workshop in Colorado or maybe even at your Oklahoma Studio. Like the lady who wrote in your GuestBook that she was confused by continuing to use your name -- and yet I couldn't find any information about your workshop schedule!  Regardless, I found your official website, and I'm just happy to know where you are and that you are doing well. Thank you, Jerry and Donna!

By Susan L

5   San Bernardino, CA, United States ||  Sep 09 2010

Finally! I've determined that is Jerry's official website!  I am so glad to find you. My friends and I feel very misled by because that is not you -- but yet your name is all over that site!? Excited about all your new instructional DVDs as I have every single one of your old ones. Thank you for the work you are doing in the ministry, and I love your "God is the Master Artist" series on NRB.  I'll be ordering those from your online store.  Thank you, Jerry, and God Bless you!

By Sharon Robertson

5   Tuscaloosa, AL, United States ||  Sep 09 2010

I watch your show on BYU and I love it! I am 60 yrs old and I have never painted until about 3 months ago when I was visiting my sister in LA. She is a wonderful artist and with her help I started a painting (oil). But when I got home it seemed I never had time to finish it and now what little I learned I have forgot. Listing to your show you offer so much encouragement and HOPE for those who are afraid to even pick up a brush, I just want to say thank you and may God continue to bless every aspect of your life. I will finish my painting, just because of your encouragement. Thank you so much! Sharon Robertson

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